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Fabange welcomes you to sell our products and earn commissions upto 7% of Cart Value. We at Fabange gives everyone an opportunity to Promote our products and earn handsome commissions when someone buys using your Promotion code. Also, to get you sales, we provide discount to the customers who use your promotion code at the time of checkout.

This is a profit sharing mechanism designed to create win-win situation for us and our customers. We share the part of cost we use to market our website and its products with the users. The more profit means more sharing, isn’t.

Tip – You can use your own code to buy our beautiful products to get flat 10% discount and earn commission on cart value as well. Howzzat!!!

How it works –

  1. Enroll with us by creating a user by simply Creating an account with us – Register
  2. You will receive your unique Promotion Code via email within 48 hours of joining
  3. Go to and promote as many products as you want on your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.
  4. Make sure to provide your Promotion Code while promoting our products
  5. Once a customer buys a product and uses your Promotion Code at checkout, they will receive 5% discount of cart value and you will receive 7% of paid amount as commission
  6. Sales and commission report for the week will be updated every Friday for the previous week
  7. Payments will be made once item has been delivered and order is completed on website. Commissions will be paid by Paypal and user must have valid account on Paypal
  8. Applicable fees of Paypal will be paid by the user at the time of transfer

Terms & Conditions –

This is a promotional activity and all rights are reserved by and can be stopped/updated anytime before/during the promotion. Fabange is not responsible for the content posted by users on their social networks. Customer must use user’s Promotion Code at the time of checkout to get the discount and user be paid their commission. Fabange will not be responsible if customers came on Fabange website through users social network but failed to use Promotion code before making payment and order is placed.

Commissions will be transferred using Paypal only though user will have option to buy Fabange vouchers of same amount as well. All commissions paid will be transferred once order is delivered to the customer and order status is complete on website. Users will be notified on the Sales & commission report page only. Fabange reserves all rights to amend the way of communication to the users at any point of time and will be notified with best available communication channel. The Paypal fees will be part of the commission and will be paid from user’s commission only and Fabange does not pay any gateway fees on behalf of users.

Any queries/concern/dispute will be addressed through support page and will be address at best possible time. Fabange’s decision will be deemed final in case of any dispute and by using this promotional activity, user is providing the consent to accept these terms and conditions.

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